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What it's like to perform at some of London's most prestigious venues!

We've been fortunate enough to get invited to perform in some of London's most prestigious venues, at exclusive weddings or big corporate parties for clients like ASOS and O2. This can often mean anything between 300-1000+ guests and a big crew that we work alongside to make sure the band can give a performance to remember!

The Gherkin and The Shard are two high-rise buildings that were a lot of fun to perform at. Playing on the top floor of the Gherkin for a wedding, provided an amazing atmosphere and dazzling skyline backdrop, perfect for any party. The Shard was equally as glitzy and offered great views over the River Thames.

More stately environments were provided at the beautiful Hampton Court Palace in Ham and Kew Gardens in Richmond. High ceilings and wooden or tiled floors always make for a really lively and bright sounding room, with lots of natural reverb which gives the band's sound an epic, stadium feel. We played a very lively Indian wedding at The Orangery at Kew Gardens - a restaurant / cafe by day that's turned into a luxury wedding venue for private hire - and were fortunate enough to get fed some delicious curry for our dinner before we took to the stage!

No other venue has been quite as opulent and lavish as the Four Seasons Hotel on Park Lane in central London. With room prices over £750 per night, we polished our shoes for this one. We performed here for a Christmas party for a financial firm, in one of the hotel's function suites and the staff were super friendly to us, even serving us tea and coffee in bone china tea cups!

The Globe Theatre and Natural History museum were also gigs to remember for the band. The Globe Theatre has a very large function suite in the basement - with a faux-tree positioned the middle of it - though we're not sure if that was just installed for the event. You would never know this huge room existed, but it was perfect for 500 guests at a private party we were asked to perform at. We've played The Natural History Museum three times now, which is always an amazing experience - sharing a venue with fossils and giant replica animals. It was fun to play the main hall with Chesney Hawkes supporting us for a large private party and more recently, performing under the giant red globe of Earth Hall for an exclusive event!

Of course swanky private members clubs are always fun to see inside and Century Club in Soho and The Hurlingham Club in south London did not disappoint!

Our top ten London venues that we've performed at:

The Natural History Museum

The Hurlingham Club

Hampton Court Palace

The Gherkin

The Shard

Four Seasons Park Lane

Kew Gardens

The Globe Theatre

Century Club

Cafe de Paris

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